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My name is Danielle from Buffalo, NY. This blog used to be a beautiful blueprint of moving into a peaceful, harmonious personal, and societal journey into a new and better generation.

I will still be posting the most beautiful things I can find, but it has become my personal store as well! I'm trying to make it through college, and those expenses are so difficult, I find that sharing my art, jewelry, and creations, although at a material price, would really help me out, and help me to continue my work as a peace bringer, a guide, and a spiritual being. Sadly, making money is necessary. I do have 3 jobs currently, but it would help tremendously if you guys were interested in my art and creations, I will be posting my products on this blog, and if you are interested in buying, please private message me, and we can work through paypal.

I love you all and these have been very hard times for me. My spirit has not been at rest, and this universe and community we have created here...I want nothing more than for it to grow. The articles are still up and hopefully I'll have time to write more!

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Input, ideas and insights are always accepted and welcomed; feel free to submit anything you like! Thank you, brothers and sisters. Peace & Love <3

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